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The #1 Thing Holding You Back. 


If you’re struggling to get your crafting business off the ground, I want to tell you one thing:
It’s not your fault.
Truth is, most crafters will never share their secrets with you. And why would they…
You’re just another potential competitor.
And they see you as a threat to their income.
So if you’re looking to get the mentorship and advice that you need to take your crafting business to the next level – you won’t get it there.
And the “everyone for themselves” mentality is what’s holding most crafting entrepreneurs back.
Instead of getting answers and inspiration, you get doors shut in your face.
Don’t ask me how I know… I’ve been there.
I’ve had those peaks and throughs in my income with no one to ask for guidance.


I’ve had to experiment for weeks to get my t-shirts and items to turn out well because no one would give me any pointers.
And yes, I’ve struggled with ghosting, pricing, and marketing because there were no mentors to turn to.
I had to learn the hard way. But I made a promise to myself.
Once I had my business up and running, I was going to share all the industry secrets with people who want to make it.
Because I believe that the best way to push an industry forward is to spread knowledge, not to hold it back.

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